An owner builder is an individual authorized with a permit obtained from NSW Fair Trading to undertake work where costs exceed $10,000 (including materials & labour) in the alteration, addition, repair or construction of a new or existing dwelling. This also includes supervision and coordination. Where the cost exceeds $20,000, you will need to complete the owner builder education requirements. See NSW Fair Trading website for current up-to-date educational requirements.

The permit does not allow you to do any work on non-approved development sites and complete any of the following works:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Gas Fitting
  • Air-conditioning
  • Refrigeration

The permit must be for an approved development of a single or secondary dwelling i.e. owner occupied home. A permit will not be issued for non-residential developments or for renovations/additions within a strata complex (e.g. units, townhouse or apartment).

As an Owner Builder you are strongly recommended that you obtain the following insurance policies:

  • Public Liability insurance as you are the owner of the property. This will cover you, a family member or general public for any injuries that may occur onsite.

Workers Compensation insurance to cover any trade contractor’s onsite as they may be deemed to be your works. See Safework NSW for further information.