In a matter of stages, we can formalise your building designs and help you with the development and construction application processes, ensuring that your design vision becomes a reality sooner.

Stage 1 - Concept Design

This stage consists of:

  • An initial meeting with our client to discuss the design brief and design options.
  • Access to the site:
    • to take photographs,
    • (If the project is an addition or extension), to measure up both the inside and outside of the existing dwelling so it can be re-drawn.
  • Understand any local and state government regulations.
  • Requests for a copy of a Planning Section 149 Part 2 Certificate from your local municipal council.
  • Obtain a sewer diagram from the water authority.
  • Requests for a Topographical Survey to be prepared by a registered surveyor.


Stage 2 - Developed Sketch

This stage consists of:

  • A meeting with our client to present the sketches. These sketches are based on the design briefing and the local council and states regulations obtained in stage 1.
  • An opportunity for our client to provide feedback on the sketched design and for changes to be discussed and noted.


Stage 3 - Final Sketches

This stage consists of:

  • A meeting with our client to present the final sketch based on changes agreed on in stage 2.

From this final sketch we will know whether your project qualifies for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). If your project qualifies for a CDC, you will proceed directly to Stage 6 – Complying Development Certificate.


Stage 4 - Development Application (DA)

This stage consists of:

  • The drawings being developed based on the final sketches approved in stage 3.
  • Requests for additional documents from third party consultants i.e. Engineer, Town Planner, and Surveyor.
  • Liaising with consultants to support any technical requirements that are necessary to complete the drawings, i.e. Sydney Water, Engineer
  • Preparing all plans and documents for submission to your local council.

See Development Application for more information.


Stage 5 - Prepare & Collate the Construction Certificate (CC)

This stage consists of:

  • Obtaining any further third party documents in accordance with council conditions.
  • Upgrading the DA plans for CC issue.
  • Collating the CC in accordance with the council’s DA conditions in preparation for the CC’s lodgement to your local council or through a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

See Construction Certificate for more information.


Stage 6 - Complying Development Certificate (CDC) (subject to qualification)

This stage consists of:

  • The amalgamation of submission for Development Application (Stage 4) and Construction Certificate (Stage 5).

The combination of these application submissions enables the approval process for development to be fast tracked, but is only applicable to certain types of projects. See Complying Development Certificate for more information.